Moving Forward

Mitsui E&P USA LLC will continue to pursue the value creation and realization through active asset management of the existing assets with partners, and also the enhancement of the business portfolio by adding new strategic assets either in unconventional or conventional resources, onshore or offshore in North America. 

Mitsui, as a group, will also pursue the enhancement of the business horizon along the oil and gas value chain. 

Mitsui’s Hydrocarbon Value Chain : Starting From Upstream Oil & Gas Development And Production​

Mitsui & Co. Ltd. saw the shale gas revolution coming in the mid-2000s and immediately recognized an exceptional opportunity. The ongoing transformation of the United States from a major energy importer to a major energy exporter was clearly going to redraw the world energy map and change the domestic industrial structure of the U.S.

Mitsui was proactive in the face of change. From the beginning, our view was that the extraction of gas from 2,500 meters below ground was only the first of many potential business opportunities extending to distribution, storage, export, power generation, gas chemicals and petrochemicals.

To establish a leading position in all these industries, Mitsui built relationships with the most trustworthy and technically advanced companies in their respective fields. The combination of our expertise in financing and trading with their strengths in industrial processes makes for an exceptional team.

Hand in hand with our partners, we are not just building a robust gas value chain, we are helping to build a more prosperous and connected world.